Saturday, February 14, 2009

"How do you get those pants on and off? I mean, really, I want to be apart of that process!"-Jason

So, this holiday is stupid but... I have a date tonight at Yuca Bar, and then another date tomorrow night with a very cute boy from a magazine I like :) Not sure where we're going yet though.

Last night was loads of fun. I went to World Bar again - and Jason, along with his friend Bryan came a little while later (Jason lives a block from the bar!!) and we chatted and they scoped out hot Asian chicks... then around 1 we went back to Jason's place... around 2am, Bryan and I begged him hard enough to make cookies - which he totally did. Yay for drunk baking. Then we watched V For Vendetta until 5am. Oy. That's the latest I've been awake until for a while. I hopped a cab, with some cookies, and was asleep by 5:40am.

Jason has Apple TV, and MTV was streaming Kelly Clarkson's "My Life Would Suck Without You" video... I made it play about 5 times before the boys stole the remote from me. Hehe. The chorus of that song sucks - but the melody is catchy!


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