Tuesday, February 17, 2009

In other news.

So, aside from the trauma of the Ex, the party was sufficiently fun! There was a magician there who came over and did card tricks for us... He asked me, "Do you like magicians?" I replied, "Not particularly, but I slept with one about a month ago." Jason nearly spit his drink out. The magician replied, "Really? You're kidding! Shut up!" I said yes. We talked a bit more and it turns out he graduated from the same high school, and junior high school. Talk about a small world.

And in addition to meeting Ashlea Halpern and Allison Williams, I also got to meet Kate Lowenstein, one of the senior features editors at TONY. For a TONY geek (whore?) like myself, it was pretty exciting.

I also met an actress, who's one of the 'singles' in the issue, named Emily, who was an absolute sweetheart! And she's much cuter than her picture portrays - so any guys out there, email her! And Rob asked #17 how many emails she's gotten so far - over 100!

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