Sunday, February 8, 2009

"Writing is a process...."

So yesterday, Saturday, Jason and I took in a matinee of the new musical, The Story of My Life, starring Will Chase and Malcolm Gets. In one sentence, it's a musical about an award-winning writer trying to write the perfect eulogy about his childhood best friend who has killed himself. It was different, original, touching, and entertaining. Both actors were extremely effective, with beautiful voices. The problem was, Gets looked MUCH older than Chase... which was confusing because they were supposed to be the same age. The set was a simple bookstore rolling ladder, podium, and book shelves on the wall. The show dragged in the middle, but it was then wrapped up perfectly and I feel as though you really got to know these two characters in the short 90 minutes that you have with them.

Jason enjoyed it too... yay! Jason and I spent the day hanging out again today, eating our way through midtown. First we went to Billy's Bakery, then onto Grumpy for some caffeine... after we ventured up to the 57th & 5th Avenue area for burgers (his from Burger Joint and mine from Pop Burger), and finally we ended up at Borders in Columbus Circle. I left soon after for dinner with my dad and brother who were in town for the Comic Con. Now I'm home and exhausted!

Tomorrow is my interview, and then seeing He's Just Not That Into You with Lindsay. Finally!

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